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The majority of review products are sent to us by the companies involved, and the majority are a direct result of a review request. We only review products that we have selected ourselves and that are worth reviewing. We always return products on request or at the end of our agreed loan period. 

You can read more about our approach to reviewing and scoring in our guide, which includes what our scores mean.

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GamesRadar+ Team

Sam Loveridge, Global Editor-in-Chief at GamesRadar
Sam Loveridge

After realizing fashion journalism definitely wasn't for me while working in Singapore, I wandered back into my safe zone of tech journalism before landing a gig writing about my one true love: video games. I've worked at TrustedReviews, Digital Spy, Fandom, and dabbled with bouts of freelance prior to GR+, but my GamesRadar+ family finally feels like home. Particularly because they realize that my Pokemon obsession is a pro, not a con. Or at least that's what they tell me anyway. So now I'm the lady in charge of GamesRadar, but also getting all the reviews up on the website, so you can thank me for all those shining stars – or blame me for a lack of them. I also spend my time working my SEO magic to try and coax the Google Juice to flow in our favor.

Location: Bath

Josh West, Features Editor at GamesRadar
Josh West

I made my start in this business like any good video games journalist should: By  starting a fansite with some friends I met in a Halo 2 matchmaking lobby. In the years since, I have served as the Features Editor of GamesRadar+, Deputy Editor of games™ magazine, and have worked the freelance circuit covering everything from 3D art and comic books to technology and psychedelic rock. I have a degree in Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing, and in my youth I appeared in a couple of films and TV shows – but my career as a child actor was cut short because I wouldn't cut off my long hair (true story). I am now the UK Managing Editor of GamesRadar+, with a primary focus on Reviews, SEO, and keeping the gears turning during UK hours. 

Location: Bath

Rollin Bishop, US Managing Editor at GamesRadar+
Rollin Bishop

My first job in this industry was managing the official unofficial Kingdom of Loathing fansite in 2006, and it’s all been downhill since then. Jokes aside, that position segued into freelancing for the likes of IGN, GameSpy, Motherboard, and many like them. Over the years, my beats grew more eclectic into anime, internet culture, comics, and much more, culminating prior to my current role in a position at ComicBook.com (opens in new tab) as Gaming Editor while still contributing across the site’s many verticals. As the US Managing Editor at GamesRadar+, I help keep the wheels turning during US hours.

Location: US Remote


Ali Jones, Deputy News Editor at GamesRadar
Ali Jones

After a few years writing for my university newspaper and with a shiny new gaming PC on my desk, my games writing career kicked off when I joined PCGamesN in the summer of 2017. Over the following two years, I wrote more about League of Legends than anyone outside Riot (or at least that's how it felt), and spent an extremely jet-lagged weekend in Seattle for Valve's reveal of Artifact. That was a more impressive anecdote in 2018 than it is now, but I did get to meet Gabe Newell. In 2019, I left PCGN to become Kotaku UK's news editor, from where I eventually joined Gamesradar in 2020. As News Editor, I'm running our gaming news output, working with my team to find the most interesting stories out there, all while working on my master plan - turning GR+ into a site where I can write all the League of Legends articles I want.

Location: Bath

Iain Harris, Deputy News Editor at GamesRadar+
Iain Harris

After fetching masters degrees in journalism and history, I spent a few years freelancing for local newspapers and gaming outlets like Kotaku UK, RockPaperShotgun, and VG24/7 before popping up at PCGamesN. I worked my way up to the role of Acting News Editor while shaping the website’s news output and reporting on all the weird and wonderful shenanigans that communities get up to. That’s not too different to what I do here at GamesRadar+, except I have the remit to tell you that Growlithe is absolutely the best Pokemon. When not bottom fragging in Valorant, you’ll find me tootling through Final Fantasy 14 looking for Eorzea’s hottest new fashion trend.

Location: UK Remote

Austin Wood, Staff Writer at GamesRadar
Austin Wood

I worked as a freelance games journalist for six years before wearily staggering into the house of GamesRadar+, where I was welcomed with open arms and a frankly alarming amount of dog GIFs. This means my soul is measured in content, and also that you may have seen me around. I've written for PC Gamer, Eurogamer, IGN, RockPaperShotgun, Sports Illustrated, and plenty of others over the years. I also received a journalism degree at some point and they haven't asked for it back, so here I am, writing the best bad similes of my career. On GamesRadar, I write about the day-to-day goings-on of the games industry. I spend most of my time picking out the important bits from the never-ending flood of trailers and announcements, but I also find some of my favorite stories in creative communities and weird rabbit holes. 

Location: US Remote

Jordan Gerblick, Staff Writer at GamesRadar
Jordan Gerblick

After defiantly earning an English degree against my parents' protests, I climbed the corporate ladder for a while in dreadful copywriting roles while silently deliberating how to admit I'd messed up. But eventually, exhausted from 60-hour workweeks writing financial documentation and freelancing over the weekends, GamesRadar rescued me from my cameo role in the real-life Office by giving me the dream job I have now. I used to run a pizza blog, I co-designed a once-active Ultima Online shard when I was 12, and I spend every work night in the company of a turtle named Myrtle (he's actually a Russian tortoise but the rhyme doesn't really work with that) and a mini jaguar named Milo. At GamesRadar, I tell you what's happening in video games, and occasionally, what I think about video games. My favorite part of the job is uncovering and shining a light on underappreciated indie projects.

Location: US Remote

Hope Bellingham, News Writer at GamesRadar
Hope Bellingham

After graduating from university with a BA (Hons) in Film Industries & Creative Writing, I attempted to start my career by running my own blog where I wrote about animation, film, TV, and video games. By late 2020, I managed to land my first industry job as a PR Intern at Player Two PR where I assisted in the release of several indie games. I was then lucky enough to get the opportunity to be a Trainee News Writer at GamesRadar. I like to think of myself as the Animal Crossing: New Horizons news correspondent however when I'm not covering the latest on island life I'm also writing about The Last of Us, Pokemon, and wishing every day for some Kingdom Hearts news to be announced.

Location: UK Remote

Hirun Cryer, News Writer at GamesRadar
Hirun Cryer

After thinking I'd dip my toe into the waters of writing about games for a living, it turned out I actually quite enjoyed it. After working on USGamer's guides team and later news team, I've now landed in a similar news role at Gamesradar+. I'm lucky enough to be a recipient of the MCV 30 Under 30 award for 2021, and I've worked with countless other outlets including PC Gamer, Edge, and PLAY Magazine along the way. At GamesRadar, I write up the latest and breaking news for the audience of Gamesradar+, constantly trying to sift through the deluge of everyday news to bring you something you might not even know about. Keeping an audience well informed is a challenge, but it’s finding bits of brilliance throughout the industry that’s a genuine pleasure for me.

Location: UK Remote

Dustin Bailey, Staff Writer
Dustin Bailey

After discovering that rural Missouri didn't offer the most lucrative job market for a recently-graduated English major, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of: I started writing about video games on the internet. After years of freelancing, including a stint running Anime News Network's weekly gaming column, I became a News Writer at PCGamesN, and spent nearly a half-decade covering major industry stories, community goofs, and updates on major games. Now I'm doing the same at GamesRadar+, at least partly because I got tired of pretending not to care about the latest Nintendo Direct.

Location: US Remote


Joe Donnelly, Features Writer on GamesRadar
Joe Donnelly

In a previous life I was a: plumber, gas-fitter, banana farm assistant, sandblaster’s labourer, barman, student and, eventually, a freelance video games journalist. In 2016, I landed a full-time gig at PC Gamer and had the pleasure of covering news during the site’s UK hours, interviewing Terry Crews about yogurt and PC-building, writing irreverent (read: weird) Grand Theft Auto roleplay diaries, and charting my success in the dugout while leading Celtic to European glory in Football Manager. In late 2018, I moved into sports media to work for that very football club as a reporter, and now find myself back in the throes of video game feature writing at the good ship GamesRadar+. I write features for GamesRadar+, and spend the rest of my day slowing down my incomprehensible Glaswegian twang into something which almost resembles the English language.

Location: UK Remote

Heather Wald, Senior Staff Writer at GamesRadar
Heather Wald

While I was still trying to cut my teeth in the journalism world, I worked at Game before ditching retail to do an MA in magazine journalism at Cardiff University. I then landed a job as the content editor for Stuff Magazine writing about all things game and tech related. Eventually I fell into the world of freelancing, and after contributing to Gamesradar+ for a few months, I somehow bagged myself my dream job. Now I get to do what I truly love alongside a talented team of writers full time. Yeah, I can’t believe it either! On GamesRadar, I'm part of the Features team, looking for interesting goings on in the gaming community, and help out with all sorts of bits and bobs for the site. 

Location: Bath

Jasmine Gould-Wilson, GamesRadar Staff Writer photo
Jasmine Gould-Wilson

Raised in Hong Kong and having graduated with an English Literature degree from Queen Mary, University of London, Jasmine's passion for entertainment writing has taken her from blogging about horror movies and browser games to joining GamesRadar+ as a Staff Writer. She made the career jump from TV broadcast operations to video games journalism during the pandemic, cutting her teeth as a freelance writer for global publications such as TheGamer, Gamezo, and TechRadar Gaming before joining Future's in-house team. Whether she's researching the latest buzzworthy legal battles for a news piece or writing comprehensive Sims 4 guides, you will probably find her listening to metalcore at the same time.

Location: Bath, UK

Ben Wilson, Sports Editor at GamesRadar
Ben Wilson

I’ve been writing about sports and games – and therefore sports games – for 20 years since a post-Uni stint at Nickelodeon, and can lay claim to being the longest serving editor in Official PlayStation Magazine history. I departed OPM Towers in 2014 to become a full-time dad, but am proud to be able to juggle nappy changes and Disney Plus binges with my role as GR+’s roving, raving man-o’ -sports. I also write football and wrestling words for FourFourTwo, The Guardian, and Talksport. Anything and everything related to football (UK and US), hockey, baseball and wrestling. I've also been known to dabble in writing about movies, and am always free to ramble on about the brilliance of Black Panther. 

Location: UK Remote


Leon Hurley, Senior Guides Coordinator at GamesRadar
Leon Hurley

After mixed career path of scientist, teacher and musician I ended up landing a job on Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. After working my way up the ranks there and eventually running the website, I helped launch and run Kotaku UK before joining GamesRadar+ to do news and tea. Now, I coordinate all the guides content on GR (there's a clue in the name). I work with writers to decide what to tip and what not to tip based on what I think people are going to want to know, and some numbers stuff. I then organize all the guides, video capture, scripts and so on for a game and, God willing, get it up for release. 

Location: Bath

Iain Wilson, Guides Editor at GamesRadar
Iain Wilson

I joined Future in 2012 to write tips and guides for CVG, before moving on to join the GR+ team. I’m known to many as ‘Mr Trophy’ due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with collecting intangible PlayStation silverware (opens in new tab), and I now have around 200 Platinum pots weighing down the shelves in my virtual award cabinet. I do not care for Xbox Achievements. I help look after the guides on GamesRadar+, so spend most of my time either searching gaming’s darkened corners for those final elusive collectibles, or coming up with tips and advice to help you git gud.

Location: Bath

Joel Franey, Guides Writer at GamesRadar
Joel Franey

I've been in this industry for several years, but writing and games have been a passion of mine since I had the manual dexterity for either. After I finished my Masters degree at Sussex University I worked my way through various sites and publications, including USgamer, Gfinity, Eurogamer, VG247 and Dicebreaker before eventually showing up at GamesRadar's doorstep like a mangy (if hopeful) street cat. If you want to splatter a big monster or get the best hat, I'm the one who's been balancing berets and testing the Legendary Hammer of GoonSquash for you. I tend to cover more story games and single-player stuff, being an antisocial writer-type, but you'll also occasionally see me panicking in online battlefields for the good of GamesRadar.

Location: Bath

Will Sawyer, Guides Writer at GamesRadar
Will Sawyer

After realizing I hated writing local news when I started my journalism degree back in 2017, I decided to make it my mission to combine my gaming interests with work and become a games journalist. After years of sometimes tenuously relating my uni projects to video games, and with my final year cut a little short by a small virus you may have heard of, I managed to graduate from Kingston University London. I’ve been doing freelance guides writing since the start of 2021, starting at Game Rant, but now I'm over here at GamesRadar+, spouting incomprehensible Destiny 2 jargon to my colleagues and to you if you read some of my guides. I’m a Freelance Guides Writer on GamesRadar+ which means I try and break things down in video games with words and nice images with big, orange rings in them so that you can hopefully learn a thing or two about whatever’s got you stuck. I’m most often covering big service games, including Destiny 2 (duh), Fortnite, Warzone, Sea of Thieves, and more, but I’ve been lucky enough to cover some sweet solo games like Psychonauts 2 and Sable.

Location: UK Remote


Emily Murray, Entertainment Editor at GamesRadar
Emily Murray

Considering I was scared of the cinema as a kid you may be wondering, why are you Entertainment Editor at GamesRadar?! Well, The Dark Knight changed everything for me and since watching that movie you simply can't get me away from a screen. Like all good journalists should, I started writing about film and TV on my own blog as a teenager - one day my dad told me that I should pursue that as a job and I did! Since then I've worked for the BBC, Zavvi, UNILAD, Yahoo, Digital Spy and more, now finding my home here. When I'm not writing about film and TV I'll be found cuddling my cat on the sofa, likely bingeing New Girl for the millionth time (Nick Miller is the love of my life). And of course, I haven't forgotten about where my journey started so you can also find me waxing lyrical about Christopher Nolan on my podcast dedicated to him.

Bradley Russell, Senior Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar
Bradley Russell

Hello! I’m the Senior Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar. Pretty sure that’s code for ‘I’m getting old.’ Away from the existentialist dread beat, you can find me covering the good and the great from the worlds of film & TV. Whether it’s the latest Marvel theories, Oscar predictions, or what you should be watching next on Netflix, I’m here to keep on the pulse of all things pop culture.

I have previously written for OPM (now PLAY magazine), FourFourTwo, and Game Revolution, and even managed to find space to squeeze a year into studying literature over in the US. I’m still an honorary Hoosier to this day. Outside of GR, you’ll find me talking people’s ears off about anime, football, and preaching the gospel of Cobra Kai’s Terry Silver to the masses. If you’re feeling brave, you can even follow me on Twitter for a rotating selection of decades-old Simpsons quotes and room-temperature takes.

Location: London

Molly Edwards, Freelance Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar
Molly Edwards

After graduating with a BA in English and working on HMS Belfast for a while, I then had a magical time writing Disney magazines at Immediate Media. TV and film have always been two of my favourite things, though, and I went from blogging and tweeting about them in my free time to an absolute dream job with the best people as an Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar. I write up the biggest news in film and TV, and write features too. Disney, Star Wars, and superheroes are my jam, so you'll probably find me writing about them pretty much 24/7. 

Location: London

Emily Garbutt, Freelance Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar
Emily Garbutt

After graduating from university, working a few temp jobs in admin and copywriting, getting my NCTJ qualification, and several months of trying to find my feet as a freelancer during a pandemic, I joined the GamesRadar+ entertainment team in 2020. When I’m not writing about film and TV, I’m probably tweeting about it instead. I enjoy 90-minute runtimes, re-watching When Harry Met Sally, and long walks on the beach. I cover everything film and TV-related here at GamesRadar+, bringing you the latest news and the occasional feature, too. From the latest streaming releases to awards show chatter, you’ll find my byline on it.

Location: London

Fay Watson, Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar/Total Film
Fay Watson

Hi! I’m an Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar, covering the latest TV and film releases for Total Film and SFX online. I landed my dream job here with this amazing team after working my way up in journalism following a degree in English Language and Literature. After completing my NCTJ, I started out freelancing with specialist brands like Amateur Photographer and Country Life before writing full-time for the London Resident magazine portfolio. I began specializing in entertainment journalism when I landed a role as an SEO TV writer at Express Online before going on to work as a Senior Showbiz Reporter at the same publication. Now I get to wax lyrical about my eclectic entertainment tastes at work every day. So whether you want the latest updates on Bridgerton or what’s next for Geralt in The Witcher, I’m all over it.

Location: London

Amy West, Entertainment Writer at GamesRadar and Total Film
Amy West

Having graduated from university with a degree in Graphic Design, and a suitcase full of monthlies from my time as Movies Editor on the student paper, I landed an Entertainment Writer role at IBTimes UK. A few years later, I went freelance, and wound up doing things for the likes of Empire, SciFiNow, RadioTimes, Digital Spy and Total Film magazine. Now I do similar fun stuff for GamesRadar+ – only this time, it’s alongside a fab team and I don't have to bounce my ideas off of my cat. (Thank goodness, his feedback leaves a lot to be desired). My film and TV interests really run the gamut, and I'm just as likely to chew your ear off about Downton Abbey as I am the latest horror movie. Don’t worry, though, I’ll try not to.

Location: London

Lauren Milici, Senior Entertainment Writer
Lauren Milici

After graduating with an MFA in Poetry, I published my first collection and started freelancing for as many pop culture websites as humanly possible. After years thinking I was doomed to work in a poorly lit office doing anything but writing for the rest of my life, I finally found a home at GamesRadar+ where I get spend my days covering the biggest news in entertainment and writing up cool features. I also have two cats that are named after the canine main characters in All Dogs Go to Heaven, and insist on making both of them wear bowties.

Location: US Remote


Tabitha Baker, Hardware Editor at GamesRadar
Tabitha Baker

After juggling my time between a gaming startup and freelance journalism, I landed in eCommerce at TechRadar to fill Brendan’s shoes as Deals Editor. When the gaming hardware bug bit a couple of years later, though, I followed him over to the GamesRadar+ team to find more gear to spend my paycheck on. I’ve written for Tom’s Guide, Wireframe, The Indie Game Website and That Video Game Blog and also had a bizarre appearance on a TRT World news panel discussing the video game hall of fame. You’ll find me covering a range of consoles and accessories at GamesRadar+, though I have a particular interest in Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PC gaming. You might see me talking about NFL from time to time as well. 

Location: Bath

Benjamin Abbott, Tabletop & Merch Editor at GamesRadar
Benjamin Abbott

Thanks to a chance encounter with ex-GamesRadar staffer Justin Towell, I got the advice I needed to sharpen my skills and go from aspiring game critic to a fully-fledged freelancer. Although there were plenty of detours along the way (and many, many late nights down the word-mines), I finally wound up where I’ve always dreamed of being - right here. I look after our board game, TRPG, toy, and Lego coverage as part of the Hardware team. That means I'm here to help you find a new favorite for games night or something that'll look really cool on your shelf.

Location: Bath

Duncan Robertson, Hardware Editor at GamesRadar+
Duncan Robertson

When I was 15, I played a game called Journey. Ever since, I’ve been desperate to cover video games for a living. After graduating from Edinburgh Napier University with a Journalism degree, I was a contributor to the Scottish Games Network and I completed an Editorial Internship over at Expert Reviews. Alongside that, I’ve been managing my own YouTube channel (opens in new tab) and Podcast for the last 7 years with my best friend. After all that, I finally landed a dream job at GamesRadar. When I’m not testing out hardware and peripherals and calling it work, I’m probably playing tennis, or dissecting game design for an upcoming video essay. Now, I better call it there, before I get talking about my favourite games like HUNT: Showdown, Dishonored, and Towerfall Ascension.

Matt Poskitt, Deals Editor at GamesRadar+
Matt Poskitt

Matthew is the Deals Editor for GamesRadar, keeping up with everything in games and constantly searching the web for the best deals on offer. Prior to this, Matthew headed up the games and entertainment section at T3 with his work also found across TechRadar, IGN, Tom's Guide, Fandom, NME, and more. In his spare time, Matthew is an avid cinema-goer, keen runner and average golfer (at best).


Will Salmon, Comics Editor at GamesRadar+
Will Salmon

I’ve written about comics, film, TV and music for more than 15 years now. Consequently, I sometimes feel old and withered like Guy Pearce in Prometheus. I launched the late, lamented scary movie magazine Horrorville and the second run of Comic Heroes for Future. I’ve written about film and TV for every issue of SFX for over a decade, where I can usually be found covering stuff that’s either arty and weird or made on a budget of about £10. As Comics Editor of GamesRadar/Newsarama I’m covering comics of every genre, from superheroes to the aforementioned arty/weird stuff. My favourite writer is Grant Morrison and my favourite artist is Frank Quitely, so I’m sure you can all guess what my best ever superhero book is. 

George Marston, Newsarama Staff Writer at GamesRadar
George Marston

My entry into comic books came as early as I can remember, with my parents giving me comics and action figures as soon as I could hold them. I learned to read from the mini-comics that came with Masters of the Universe and DC Super Powers action figures, and haven't stopped reading them in over 30 years. I've been a part of Newsarama since 2009, when I began writing reviews, and joined the team full time in 2015 as Newsarama's resident comic book historian and Marvel Comics expert, a role I've carried over since becoming part of GamesRadar. When I'm not writing about comics, I'm drawing and writing them for myself, simply out of love for the medium. Outside of comics, I play guitar in a sci-fi themed metal band, and I love tabletop RPGs and really weird cult classic horror movies. I am also an advocate for queer and trans people in the comics and metal communities. (They/Them)

Location: US Remote


Tom Farthing, Video Producer on GamesRadar
Tom Farthing

I'm somebody who is just in love with all things video, especially video games. I might be found behind the camera, in front of it, editing video footage together, doing a voice-over, basically anything that needs to be done in order to make an interesting video about video games. I've worked at super corporate places like The Financial Times and also more relaxed places like Unilad (where I managed to trick over a million people into watching paint dry for an hour in an April Fool's livestream). I will never get over the fact that I am one of the few people in the world lucky enough to be doing their dream job and being paid to talk about video games all day. I'm in charge of all the video stuff on the site and our YouTube channel. This mostly involves taking all the hard work the rest of the team do (articles, best lists, guides etc) and stealing them to turn into a video. 

Location: Bath


Serena Cherry, Social Media Editor at GamesRadar+
Serena Cherry

Aged 7, I aced the hang-glider level on Sonic 2 (Sega MasterSystem) on just my second try. That’s when my father turned to me in awe and encouraged me to pursue a career in video games. Just kidding. He said ‘turn that stupid thing off so I can watch Top Gear.’ Nevertheless, I was galvanised. Gaming became my world.

Being an aimless teenager making decisions on a whim, I completed an irrelevant degree in Sociology. I learned many theories that I don’t use in day-to-day life, but more importantly - I learned how to write. And I liked it.

I also liked heavy metal, so I wrote about that for Metal Hammer and Kerrang. I also liked alternative comedy, so I wrote about that for Bristol 24/7. I also liked rollercoasters, so I wrote about them for CoasterForce and started managing their social media channels.

But the thing I loved most was gaming. When I was offered to write a games column for Kerrang Magazine I leaped at the chance like Dante in Devil May Cry. Then in 2022, the big moment came and I joined Gamesradar+. As their Social Media Editor, I have a fantastic time interacting with the Gamesradar audience and resisting the urge to turn their socials into FromSoft stan accounts.